Technology transfer and innovation have become essential in the context of globalisation. This requirement has become a development factor in order to face the economic world, which means that any industry needs to set up skills systems to support this transfer and consequently encourage innovative entrepreneurship and improve the employability of young researchers.

Today, with the trend of changes in the markets towards improving the environment, the Cap Bon Chamber of Commerce and Industry has chosen to promote technology transfer and innovation. This choice was based on the valorisation of the wealth of the region and on the multiplication of the links with the technological world of research towards a more integrated economy.

In fact, in order to achieve this model of economy, it is essential to create an interactive dynamic through the collaboration between the different actors. Thus favouring the development and the innovation process on the one hand, and allowing the economic enterprise to benefit from the new solutions proposed and to participate in supporting the action of job creation and consequently supporting economic growth.

The INTECMED project “Incubators for Innovation and Technology Transfer in the Mediterranean”, is a cooperation project between Greece, Spain, Egypt and Tunisia, which responds to these exposed requirements between the university and the industrial world. In fact, the INTECMED project aims to boost innovation, transfer know-how and link research to industry in the Mediterranean region, thus aiming to develop an integrated innovative ecosystem at local level. The latter will support technology transfer and commercialisation of research results and actively create opportunities, processes, research and exchange between innovation actors, including the scientific and higher education system, government, the private sector, and also citizens.

As a partner in the INTECMED project, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Cap Bon is constantly promoting innovation and technology transfer through the various components of the project, hence the importance of highlighting the results of research from higher education and research in Tunisia. This action aims to further enhance the position of Tunisia in the ranking according to the global innovation index, to inform entrepreneurs on the priority areas affected by research and development, and on the objectives of the latter as well as the different development paths, including techno poles that are spread throughout the country and represent a lever of innovation in Tunisia.

In order to give value to this ecosystem, to be able to interact and to favour research and innovation, interactions between the actors are set up to multiply the actions of connection between research and the socio-economic world. To this end, our partner in the INTECMED project in the field of innovation, the National Agency for the Promotion of Scientific Research (ANPR), has as its mission, through its activity, the improvement of the employability of young researchers and innovative entrepreneurship.

In the same essence, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Cap Bon, as a regional actor aiming at promoting the economic development of the region of Cap Bon (Nabeul and Zaghouan), acts in order to participate in the realisation of the national objectives in terms of valorisation of research and development. It helps to promote the innovation process. Thus, since we are partners in projects in Tunisia or at the Mediterranean level, we focus our activity on the development of approaches to identify new economic solutions that promote employability, especially for women.

This cross-border INTECMED project represents an opportunity to set up an adequate framework for the benefit of companies, researchers and innovators for a better coordination between University-Company-Government consequently favouring economic growth through actions. These activities are aimed at the transition of research results towards a more integrated economy while focusing on the valorisation of university products in a longer process already engaged in technology transfer.

Finally, I believe that thanks to the initiative of this project, we will have companies that have a certain added value and that could provide sustainable, new, promising solutions adapted to the current economic situation.