The Mediterranean Week of Economic Leaders, MedaWeek Barcelona, is nowadays the iconic and most relevant conference dedicated to promoting the Mediterranean region worldwide. After a large numbers of editions held in the Mediterranean strategic city of Barcelona, this event has become a reference in endorsing the key economic sectors and the cultural values of this region through a wide variety of forums. Therefore, MedaWeek Barcelona serves today as the main meeting point for voicing the interests of the private sector in the socio-economic development of the Mediterranean countries.

Following a decade of international appraise, MedaWeek Barcelona has become the reference point in the Mediterranean for economic and political dialogue, voicing the interests of the private sector and high level policy-makers in the region and the World. A dynamic platform for the promotion of the Mediterranean in the world, of a strong Euro-Mediterranean alliance and regional economic intégration.
Ahmed M. El Wakil
President, ASCAME

Since its debut in 2006, MedaWeek Barcelona has been jointly organised by the Association of the Mediterranean Chambers of Commerce and the Industry (ASCAME) and the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Navigation, with the collaboration of prominent Euro-Mediterranean organisations. Every year, ASCAME counts on the collaboration of several partners, sponsors and media that help make feasible all forums and sessions celebrated under the umbrella of this big event.

Over the last editions, more than 20,000 businessmen and businesswomen have participated in MedaWeek Barcelona, becoming a must-attend event for businesses, corporations, governments and multilateral organisations from the Mediterranean basin and abroad.

With over a decade of success, MedaWeek Barcelona continues to provide a strong and dynamic platform for the promotion of the Mediterranean economic integration.

The 14th edition of MedaWeek Barcelona, as in its previous years, will bring many trending topics to the table and serve as the flagship Mediterranean entrepreneurial-economic platform for the entire world. This year´s edition aims to cover four main objectives as a central axis:

  1. Highlight the importance of looking towards development and investment possibilities in Africa.
  2. Make the Mediterranean become again a central space for dialogue that boosts economic growth and fosters peace.
  3. Face digital transformation in the Mediterranean region.
  4. Align the sustainable development needs of the Mediterranean area with the United Nation´s SDGs.


MedaWeek Barcelona 2020 will start with the Forum on Business Development in Africa, which will focus on how Africa is set to become the world´s largest free trade area (thanks to AfCFTA) and the consequences the free trade agreement will have on infrastructure. Innovation will also be one of MedaWeek´s main topics. Digital transformation, entrepreneurship, start-ups, finance and tech development will be brought to the table.

This edition´s fora will cover key topics for the Mediterranean region, such as Halal-related subjects or the Hotel and Hospitality industry.  Moreover, a new theme will come on the scene: Healthcare. Discussions about transforming healthcare business models and moving towards sustainable health systems in Mediterranean economies will also be held.

25 years after the Barcelona Process, the Mediterranean Week of Economic Leaders will give attention to positioning the Mediterranean as one of the central regions in the world to generate growth, stability and peace.



  • Create business synergies and networking between countries and companies in the region and abroad.
  • Provide a platform for reflection and experience exchange concerning the major economic trends in the Mediterranean.
  • Serve as connection point between Mediterranean businesses and the world.
  • Promote the Mediterranean region and its key economic sectors worldwide.
  • Influence and shape the evolution of Mediterranean economies by exchanging expert experiences, promoting investment, as well as introducing development plans and innovative projects.
  • Share knowledge, best practices and success stories in Mediterranean economies.
  • Explore investment possibilities in the Mediterranean and beyond.

Why attend?

  • The most iconic economic event of the Mediterranean that encompasses three continents: Europe, Africa and Asia.
  • A groundbreaking event that provides timely and relevant topics, by keeping up with the Mediterranean’s latest developments from both political and business perspectives.
  • A strong platform for networking with key players of the Mediterranean and overseas.
  • Attendance of government officials, institutional and business representatives, international top speakers and experts.
  • A unique in its kind event supported by first-level sponsors and covered by international media partners.

Key numbers

35 thematics fora - 650 working sessions - 2 010 prominent speakers - 20 000 attendees - 80 media outlets - 25 000 business meetings