The Mediterranean Tourism Forum (MediTour) is nowadays one of the most unparalleled event organised by ASCAME, due to the relevance of the tourism sector for the development of Mediterranean countries, as it contributes to Mediterranean economy development with figures such as 11.3% of regional GDP, 11.5% of employment, 11.5% of exports or 6.4% of capital investments. The Mediterranean is a main destination for tourists from all over the world for three reasons: its strategic geographic situation (located between Meridian Europe, North Africa and Western Asia), its ideal natural environment (attractive landscapes and a favourable climate, and its cultural aspect (the sea and the territories close to it have been the cradle of several old civilisations).

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Chambers of Commerce, public and private institutions, international organisations, training centres and tourism professionals (hotel keepers, airlines, shipping lines, tour operators, etc.) gather every two years at this ASCAME event. An event made by the private sector and for the private sector, whose goals are the promotion of tourism investment projects in the Mediterranean region, the development of North-South Mediterranean and Euro-Mediterranean cooperation in the sector, the valorisation of Mediterranean tourism assets, the improvement of the tourism quality and the support of the tourism businesses that align with SDGs and the strengthening cooperation for tourism training, among others.

However, new key and challenging subjects for the Mediterranean tourism industry are also being added to the event’s programme, like for example major developments in the field of tourism digitalisation and sustainable tourism. Moreover, this forum is indeed a meeting point to inform BSOs and their members on ongoing donor-funded projects for sustainable tourism and facilitate their participation in such initiatives.