Business relationships between Mediterranean countries and China

  • Marin Orriols
  • International Area Director, Barcelona Chamber of Commerce

Women entrepreneurs: challenges and answers

  • Maria Helena de Felipe Lehtonen
  • President, AFAEMME - Federation of Businesswomen Organizations in the Euro Mediterranean
  • Co-chair, ASCAME's Women Entrepreneurship Commission

Africa: between China, the USA and Europe

  • Anwar Zibaoui
  • President, ASCAME

Opinion: the strength of the Gulf funds

  • Anwar Zibaoui
  • General Coordinator, ASCAME

Specific realities to boost the Mediterranean economy

  • Anwar Zibaoui
  • General Coordinator, ASCAME

Building a future of progress and welfare

  • Mònica Roca i Aparici
  • President, Barcelona Chamber of Commerce
  • Vice-president, ASCAME