Women Entrepreneurs
Chamber of Commerce of Cap Bon


The Cap Bon, Tunisia Chamber of Commerce chairs the ASCAME Women Entrepreneurs Commission. This Commission is co-presided by the Association of Organisations of Mediterranean Businesswomen (AFAEMME).

The Women Entrepreneur Commission reunites businesswomen from all kind of sectors that have the willingness to assemble their energies, to cross their competences, to break out from their isolation and have the ambition to contribute actively and efficiently to build the economy.

The Business Women Commission has the following missions:

  • The promotion of woman entrepreneurship.
  • The performance of companies managed by women.
  • The integration of new generations of young women entrepreneurs in the association’s life.

“Today, being a woman entrepreneur confirms a double success, as a woman and as an entrepreneur, but represents also an exceptional challenge”


  •  Have woman entrepreneurs participate in the main economic debates.
  •  Guide women entrepreneurs in the search for competitiveness.
  •  Encourage the creation of companies by women.
  •  Stimulate the attribution of managing responsibilities to women.
  •  Promote the image of women entrepreneurs in the Mediterranean.
  •  Identify and list all the women entrepreneurs.
  •  Bring closer the woman entrepreneur South-North of the Mediterranean
  •  Define the profile and career of the women entrepreneurs.
  •  Identify and evaluate the difficulties experienced by the woman entrepreneur in the creation and/or the management of their companies.