• July 3rd, 2023

Something is changing in the Mediterranean region… and it’s thanks to INTECMED.

INTECMED is a cooperation project funded by the European Union, through the ENI CBC Med programme. Its goal is to develop a Mediterranean business ecosystem that strengthens the link between researchers and investors. Why? To create the kind of entrepreneurship that responds to the needs of society and pushes for progress.

In ASCAME, we’re specially fond of this project. Building synergies between innovators and the private sector is strategic to reach our vision for the Mediterranean. And, most importantly, INTECMED is the EU project that brings together most ASCAME members in a single consortia: the chambers of commerce of Achaia, Seville and Cap Bon, as well as the Confederation of Egyptian European Business Associations and ASCAME itself, are active partners. And the Federation of Egyptian Chambers of Commerce and the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce are associates.

Fun fact: INTECMED is being implemented in Greece, Spain, Tunisia and Egypt, which means that the project has at least one ASCAME representative per country. Thanks to INTECMED and ASCAME, these chambers of commerce are developing tools to foster entrepreneurship in their countries and to generate knowledge transfer that benefits both academia and the economy.

These ASCAME members have repeatedly thanked us for our efforts. Back when the project started, in 2020, ASCAME took the initiative of identifying the chambers that could fit best with INTECMED‘s mission. We contacted them and invited them to join the call and the rest was, well, success after success. Since then, ASCAME has worked to establish an effective network between these chambers. Because creating a Mediterranean ecosystem for innovation and business is good for all.

Some of the achievements of INTECMED project include:

  • mentoring and B2B for innovators and investors
  • monetary awards for groundbreaking innovative ideas turned into businesses
  • incubators and coworking spaces in each of the countries

And our biggest pride, the e-Bazaar of Innovation. This platform is designed to match the commercial interest of an investor with the research fields of innovators. Discover more in this video:

Project description