• March 8th, 2022

This International Women’s Day and every day, ASCAME works for equality and diversity. That is why we have launched a timely impact initiative: catered to Chambers and companies that are committed to create equal opportunities and that put conscious efforts to generate positive change.

Our focus is to provide a bundle of advisers and services to help build sustainable and profitable businesses rooted on our theory of change: inclusion.

ASCAME understands that gender equality is at the center of long-term development for the Mediterranean, a matter of social justice and of economic well-being. Our Women Entrepreneurs Commission gathers businesswomen from all kind of sectors that have the willingness to assemble their energies, to cross their competences, to break out from their isolation and have the ambition to contribute actively and efficiently to build the economy.

Moreover, ASCAME and its community are active partners in dozens of International Cooperation Projects set to close gaps and are responsible for a wide variety of events designed, not only to expose inequality, but also to provide specific solutions based on joint efforts.

ASCAME believes in an ecosystem open to all and we strive to make inclusion our key driving force forward in a quest to put more women at the forefront of SMEs and startups across the Mediterranean region.

We hope you will join us in this necessary step towards a future in common.