• June 3rd, 2024

ASCAME signed a new partnership with BÉCÉ Consulting & Language Services with the aim at helping all the members and partners of the institution navigate the complexities of intercultural business environments while pursuing their international business objectives. This consultancy firm has a wide experience in assisting professionals in enhancing their skills in the intercultural negotiations and helping businesses increasing their competitiveness beyond their borders. ASCAME’s new partner fosters heightened effectiveness, satisfaction, and confidence in business operations, particularly within the realm of cross-cultural communication endeavors by applying evidence-based methods and leveraging proven business cases.

This partnership, represented by Mr. Anwar Zibaoui, General Coordinator of ASCAME, and Ms. Elisabet Camprubí, CEO of BÉCÉ Consulting & Language Services, is a significant step forward in driving business and cultural development in the Mediterranean region by leveraging the strengths of both organisations’ networks. Both parties committed to enhance cooperation by carrying out joint initiatives as statements, events, trainings, seminars, personalized consulting and conferences and other actions that will have impact on a more prosperous and inclusive Mediterranean.

Main benefits for ASCAME’s members

Thanks to this new agreement, ASCAME’s members and partners will take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Expert consultancy support: Access to BÉCÉ professionals, who are specialized in intercultural business environments, and guidance on navigating cultural complexities to achieve international business objectives.
  • Enhanced cross-cultural communication: Application of evidence-based methods and proven business cases and improved effectiveness and satisfaction in cross-cultural communication efforts.
  • Increased business confidence: Boost in confidence conducting business across diverse cultural settings and strategies to overcome cultural barriers and enhance business operations.
  • Network leverage: Utilization of the extensive networks of BÉCÉ across the Mediterranean and beyond, exploring new opportunities to connect with key stakeholders and potential business partners.
  • Competitive edge: Enhanced competitiveness in a multicultural business environment through tools and support to maximize business potential in the Mediterranean market.
  • Coaching sessions and leadership wellbeing leverage: Access to coaching sessions aimed at improving leadership management. In addition, BÉCÉ gives support in fostering a healthy work-life balance and improving employee satisfaction towards facing new challenges and new cultures with confidence.

According to Ms. Elisabet Camprubí, “ASCAME’s members and partners have a unique opportunity to elevate their companies and institutions’ competitiveness in a multicultural environment by projecting themselves in a next level in the Mediterranean”. Ms. Camprubí adds: “If we do not proactively address diversity and social inquiries in context of the workplace culture in organizations, teams, and applying a right user-centered strategy, will we likely encounter persistent challenges, and the resulting consequences impact directly the organization that you or your team are either managing or operating, time and/or business.”

Ms. Camprubí also highlights that negotiations in the Mediterranean region are profoundly influenced by cultural values, beliefs, and communications styles, resulting in significant impacts: “Each country in the region possesses its own unique cultural norms and values, which shape the negotiation process. By appreciating the intricacies of national cultures, negotiators can deftly navigate the complexities of business negotiations and foster prosperous collaborations. Cultural understanding is a guiding compass, helping negotiators uncover shared values, overcome potential misunderstandings, and forge strong connections.”

Contact us if you are interested in taking advantage of this collaboration agreement and increasing your company’s competitiveness in a multicultural environment!

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