The Agri-Food industry is an important economic driver for many regions of the world, particularly in the Mediterranean.

Agriculture and food processing remain important sectors, especially in regions where levels of prosperity are lower. But the position of this sector in some advanced economies indicates its potential. Indeed, this sector creates many jobs and provides opportunities for less-skilled labour.

Today, the agri-food industry is in a state of flux with growing consumer concerns about product traceability and the bio-economy.


The objectives of the Agri-Food Commission are:

  • To orient and encourage the development of activities in the agri-food sector in the region.
  • To gather the information, encourage exchanges and reflection on the agrifood sector in the Mediterranean area and to establish a state of the art of the situation, challenges and perspectives of development of the sector as well as the needed transformations to consolidate the sector on the international market.
  • To propose a roadmap and an action plan of the Commission and ensure its implementation according to a participative and common approach to reach tangible results.
  • To help the agri-food sector in the Mediterranean area to face the challenges of international competition, the upheavals of consumption patterns and the imperatives in terms of quality and health security, while acquiring new market shares.
  • To gather sectoral groups or associations in the Mediterranean, to promote common actions.