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Exploring the opportunities that Turkey can offer to Sardinia was at the main focus of the “Sardegna-Turchia Business Forum” organized by ASCAME’s member Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Cagliari-Oristano, that toke place place on the 2nd of February at the airport of Cagliari Elmas. The event counted with the collaboration of the Special Agency for Promotional Services Center for Businesses, Invest in Türkiye -the office for investments in Turkey-, Sogaer -the airport company- and ASCAME.

The main objective of the meeting was to present to Sardinian companies the market and investment opportunities offered by Turkey. For this reason, the summit brought together experts and entrepreneurs from Turkey who talked about the sectors of greatest interest for Sardinian operators, such as: economy and industrial ecosystem in Turkey, opportunities in bilateral tourism, agri-food and infrastructure and logistics sectors in Turkey.

According to the General Secretary of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Cagliari-Oristano, Mr. Cristiano Erriu, “Turkey privileged geographical position and the international trade tradition make this market and attractive destination for many Italian and Sardinian companies”. Mr. Erriu added: “There are many business opportunities in sectors such as agrifood, ICT our tourism, which catched the attention of investors and visitors within the summit. For instance, there are lots of opportunities linked to the reconstruction after the earthquake that hit Turkey a year ago. We are talking about the demand for companies in the infrastructure sector to rebuild building, roads and bridges, but also to reorganize the production structure, bringing back the workforce, and also in the agriculture sector.”

Apart from this, relations between Sardinia and Turkey could make a leap in quality also thanks to the air connections that Turkish Airlines – present at the conference – seems interested in activating with the Cagliari airport. “For now we are in an embryonic study phase – explained Ms. Monica Pilloni, president of the airport management company -, but we are confident and ready to activate synergies useful for the economic growth of the territory and, consequently, of the airport itself”. Ms. Pilloni added: “Meetings like this help establish synergies for the economic growth of the region and, consequently, of the airport itself.”

Italy-Turkey trade and investment opportunities

Turkey is a fundamental partner of Italy and the opportunities for Sardinia are very interesting, also and above all because of its role as a hinge in the Mediterranean region. From a strictly commercial point of view, one of the main challenges is to develop a new model of connection between the Italian-Turkish industrial poles, aimed at fostering synergies and an even stronger economic partnership. This involves both improving maritime mobility and the transport of goods, intercepting a greater proportion of international flows of goods and services and, at the same time, promoting our bilateral trade. Turkey is aware of this and is developing major infrastructure and intermodal transport projects which represent a great opportunity for Sardinian companies to play a leading role.


In 2023, trade with Italy exceeded 25 billion euros, according to ICE data, with the aim of reaching 30 billion euros in 2030. Italy is Turkey’s main trading partner in the Mediterranean area and the second largest in the EU, after Germany. In 2023, Italy exported 13.5 billion euros to Turkey and imported 12.3 billion euros. The increase in Turkish investment flows to Italy is becoming increasingly significant, exceeding those from Italy for the first time in 2020.

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