The effective implementation of the 2012-2017 Strategic Plan has developed the Association both internally and externally and has strengthened its position as voice of the Mediterranean private sector with Euro-Mediterranean and international bodies. 

Through its various strategies, ASCAME has promoted dialogue not only between economic actors but also with the public sector and civil society. Furthermore, the Association has strengthened alliances with organisations that share its values and objectives, intending to generate positive economic and social spin-offs throughout the territory.


In the elaboration of the new Strategic Plan, the old 2012-2017 Strategic Plan has been taken into account, considering both its achievements and lack of successes. Besides, the changes and challenges that have been happening in the Mediterranean region play a major role in defining the new strategic line.

The 20+20 Barcelona Declaration has also major importance in the 2018-2022 Strategic Plan. The declaration was approved on the occasion of the 20th Anniversary of the Euro- Mediterranean Integration Process. The Mediterranean, European and Arab private sectors, following the initiative of ASCAME, invited all the Chambers of Commerce and its support agencies, the businesses in the region, the sectorial organisations and the representatives of the civil society to join efforts and commit for the economic development of the Mediterranean through 20 initiatives.

ASCAME is pleased to present the 2018-2022 Strategic Plan, which identifies the new ambitions of the Association and fall under the following main axes:

  1. Mediterranean economic development through the initiatives of the 20+20 Barcelona Declaration.
  2. ASCAME internal development: New strategies for the relations with members, communication, events and projects; new approaches characterised by being more proactive and member-centred.
  3. New instruments and programmes to develop the mission of ASCAME and enhance its horizons. New categories of members and new initiatives to promote the Mediterranean region.

Engage private sector

Strengthen Mediterranean companies

Boost entrepreneurs

Support women & young people

Include diasporas & migrants

Promote investment

Advocate for CSR integration

Support SSE

Preserve Mediterranean heritage

Engage into SDGs

Promote sustainable cities

North-South cooperation

Support SMEs

Promote a Mediterranean Development Bank

Foster PPP

Promote arbitration

Create a Mediterranean tourism agency

Brand "Made in Mediterranean"

Support multimodal network

Diversify sectors