1.250.000,00 €


October 2022 – October 2024 (24 months)


To encourage public-private partnership, to define Blue Economy Action Plans for the Recovery of the tourism sector. To incubate, accelerate and test blue economy tourism packages in Mauritania, Tunisia, Morocco, Spain, Italy and France.


Implemented through 3 result-oriented pillars:

1) capacity building and awareness raising on the competitiveness and sustainability of the coastal and maritime tourism ecosystem are implemented through local clusters and a series of exchanges organised in collaboration with the WestMed Initiative;

2) promoting asset-based development approach and leveraging on local assets to create sustainable growth and a healthier environment are implemented to support and stimulate tourism SMEs, coastal communities and potential pioneers (women, NEETs, startuppers) to play as actors of change in re-imagining and re-building coastal and maritime tourism. Their disruptive role will be supported by REBOOT MED through targeted go-to-market services and testing activities;

3) to close the loop, lessons learnt will be shared and capitalised at local and WestMed level.


  • Petra Patrimonia Corsica (France)
  • PRISM Impresa Sociale s.r.l. (Italy)
  • Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions (France)
  • GAL FAR Maremma (Italy)
  • WWF Tunisia (Tunisia)
  • Balearic Islands Tourism Strategy Agency (Spain)
  • Chamber of Commerce and Industry Tanger-Tetouan- El Hoceima (Morocco)
  • Diawling National Park (Mauritania)
  • Association of Mediterranean Chambers of Commerce and Industry (Spain)


  • Blue Economy
  • Tourism

Target groups

  • Public Authorities
  • Potential actors in blue economy tourism
  • Organisations working in the field of coastal, maritime, and sustainable tourism
  • General public and eco-tourists
  • Local populations in the selected tourist areas


  • Tourism SMEs
  • Coastal communities
  • Potential pioneers (women, NEETs, startuppers)


October 2022 – October 2024 (24 months)