The economic plan that the Greek government will implement in the next two years, is expected to be heard through the prime minister’s announcements, at this year’s Thessaloniki International Fair.

The agenda of the 85th TIF, which was definitely drawn up after successive meetings of the financial staff with the Prime Minister, is expected to include measures of social sensitivity and economic logic. Besides, the attitude of the government remains firm towards the entrepreneurship of the area and continues to pursue the implementation of all those to which it has been committed since 2019 and have been postponed due to the pandemic.

Any benefits announced by the TIF podium will certainly have been assessed by the government, in order to be included in the draft budget and to be included, without comments, in the report of the institutions in the forthcoming 12th post-memorandum evaluation of our country.

It is estimated that, together with the temporary and permanent tax cuts over a two-year period, significant emphasis will be placed on private investment, reforms and the reduction of wage burdens. Also, special emphasis is expected to be given to the way of utilization of 77 billion euros from the Recovery Fund and the new NSRF, mainly for the actions of climate change, energy saving, environment, digitization and strategic investments.

The proposals of the Chambers and the requests of institutions, focus on the abolition of the solidarity contribution, the further reduction of the insurance contributions, the reduction of the tax advance and the corporate tax rate to 20%. In addition, it is expected to reduce ENFIA and abolish the additional tax, while the temporary measures of reduced VAT on transport, catering and the tourist package must be made permanent. Central to the economic plan, should be the treatment of the wave of imported accuracy that causes a “tsunami” of increases.

Alleviating the economic burdens of the middle class and increasing employment should be at stake for the government in the immediate future, taking into account the social and economic impact of the current situation from the pandemic and catastrophic fires. It is a fact that we expect the relief measures at the revelation of the government’s financial planning, through the Prime Minister at the TIF but, what we all want, is that any commitments to  relief measures and regulations are announced, to be implemented in time, in full.

Finally, it is understandable that, according to the unbalanced factors and the current health and financial situation, the basket of government benefits at the annual appointment at the TIF may not always be full, but it goes without saying that all Greeks should be able to reap its contents.