• June 2nd, 2022

The Mediterranean Logistics and Transport Week (MedaLogistics Week Barcelona), held as part of the Barcelona International Logistics and Material Handling Exhibition (SIL), has successfully completed its eighteenth edition. This year the congress analysed the role of the Mediterranean as a logistics platform between Europe, Asia and Africa, and the opportunities that exist to increase its competitiveness.

Investing in the Mediterranean and Africa also means investing in the future of Europe. We need to build together this new alliance between Africa, the Mediterranean and Europe and the common vision of a renewed partnership to build a common future, as partners and closest neighbours. We have a common future to build together, but we need to do it as soon as possible,” explains Anwar Zibaoui, general coordinator of ASCAME.

Overall, Medalogistics brought together over 800 attendees (200 in person and the rest online), and world-renowned speakers from different countries of the Mediterranean region, such as Egypt, Morocco, France and Lebanon, among others. This edition has been marked by the hybrid modality, with some speakers in person and others online.

Barcelona has once again staged its Mediterranean spirit. The celebration of Medalogistics Week in recent years represents the triumph of union as an engine of progress. The city has everything it needs to continue to develop its importance as a leading logistics centre. It has a large port for goods, passengers and cruises, one of the most important logistics activity zones in southern Europe, a modern international airport, the free trade zone and a multitude of industrial estates”, stresses Mr. Zibaoui.