• December 20th, 2023

The Managing Authority of the EU-funded Interreg NEXT MED Programme, in agreement with the representatives of the 15 participating countries, announced an upcoming first call for proposals: over €100 million in EU funding to tackle shared Mediterranean challenges. This call represents a unique opportunity to fund transactional cooperation projects aimed at catalyzing positive transformations and encouraging sustainable and inclusive development throughout the Mediterranean area.

In view of making the region smarter and more competitive, greener and climate resilient, more social and inclusive, the call focuses on pivotal themes for both shores of the Mediterranean: these encompass boosting research and innovation capacities, fostering SME growth, advancing renewable energy solutions, bolstering climate change adaptation measures, promoting educational opportunities, ensuring access to quality healthcare, and enhancing local governance processes, among others.

Geographical coverage of the call extends to over 100 territories from 7 EU and 8 partner countries, namely Cyprus, Greece, France, Italy, Malta, Portugal, Spain and Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Tunisia and Türkiye.

Recognizing the unique added value of working together beyond borders for the development of the Mediterranean area, each project has to be submitted by a partnership representing a minimum of 3 organizations from 3 different eligible countries, including at least one Mediterranean Partner Country. A diverse array of stakeholders, including national and regional public authorities, municipalities, non-profit/civil society organizations, universities, research organizations, private companies and other relevant entities may participate in the call.

Depending on the type of projects foreseen for this call – thematic, youth-oriented and governance – the EU financial support will range from €500,000 to €2.5 million. The EU contribution cannot exceed 89% of the project total eligible costs and the project co-financing must be at least 11% of the total eligible costs.

The deadline for submitting project proposals is 28 March 2024 (1pm, CET). Interested organisations are encouraged to carefully read the application pack of the call for proposals.

Interreg Next Med’s mission is to foster transnational cooperation across the Mediterranean by strengthening joint initiatives in key areas such as economic development, environmental sustainability, education and social inclusion, as well as multi-level governance. This programme brings together 15 countries towards a smarter, greener, more inclusive and better governed Mediterranean region. In addition, Interreg is the Union’s instrument to support cooperation across regions and countries: a new generation of Interreg programmes in and outside the EU ia further developing joint services and strengthen solidarity.