• November 15th, 2022

Did you discover something interesting at the #MadeInTheMediterranean pitch event? Find their contact details here:

ATELIER HARIR 1881– Renewable: We recycle fashion and textile waste into high quality new garment and textile. Contact us: sales@harir1881.com

Bioo – Generating energy from biological batteries nourishing from soil under natural terrains. Bioo is already on the market with its urban line generating more than 1M€ in revenues and is launching the current round to boost the launching of its first ag-tech product in 2023. Its systems are able to power sensors and irrigation in agriculture and light points in cities from the soil of its fields, parks, gardens and green roofs providing a saving of up to a 50% in irrigation costs and a 80% saving in batteries for the ag-tech sector. One of the biggest players of the industry, Bayer Crop Science, has already tested the ag-tech product for a year in their fields and have calculated a potential saving of 1,5B€ per year with their 50M hectares of land. Bioo has 4 propietary patents, and has been Awarded by the European Parliament as the most innivative company of Europe and by Google as the most disruptive company in the world. Contact us: pvidarte@bioo.tech

Bookagri.com – Agri tourism experiences in the MENA region are on the rise without a brand; Bookagri Franchise, brand and Mobile App are the best solution to create a great agritourism community that can be present on the map of tourism industry & destinations with a great source of income and preserving heritage, food, climate, crafts, skills, nature, agriculture, animals and more employment. Contact us: rudaina.h@hotmail.com

Cultural Fit Solutions – We measure and predict people’s engagement with their organizations by analyzing shared values KPIs. Contact us: aleal@culturalfitsolutions.com

Discoolver – Discoolver is a digitalization tool for destinations. It offers a new way to show countries cities and regions content in a completely different way. Interact with visitor, provide smart recommendations and sell local products and services. Contact us: Carlos@discoolver.com

EGROBOTS – Digitalize tree farms data and systems through collecting and analyzing data for each tree in the farm to generate insights and recommendations. Contact us: akhlad.alabhar@egrobots.com

EORA – EORA offers phytomedicinal solutions concentrated in Superfoods and functional food extract. Our solutions contain the best beneficial elements for health, well-being and skin care and exceptional nutritional proprieties such vegetables proteins ,antioxydants,vitamins and minerals. Contact us: harbaouimalek1@gmail.com

HE Rental – Airbnb for Heavy Equipment. Online marketplace where heavey equipment owners can list their inventory available for rent and users can rent from. Contact us: service@he-rental.com

Industrial Research Institute-Lebanon – Innovation One Stop Shop within the ENI CBC MED MAIA_TAQA Project. Contact us: tsalem@ndu.edu.lb

KNZ Sustainable Solution Ltd – Smart solid waste management system enables: measurements a year from over a 1000 bins. Raw data enables multiple solutions. Collect-on-demand furniture etc. tender your waste with an app. Producer pays: QR-code tags to waste bags – awards for biggest losers / balancing bills. Citizen app: report a mess to a responsible organization. Contact us: Mohamed.eldemerdash@knzglobal.com

Microo – Microo aims to solve global ecological problems with microscopic changes, using biotechnology. Now our focus is the degradation of the microplastics that are released during laundry, which constitute more than a third of all primary microplastics, using Microo Gel. This is a mixture of enzymes that is added to detergents and industrial laundries’ water, and degrade these microplastics during the washing process, before they reach the oceans. Contact us: miguel@microotech.com

Mindful Drinkers – Zeena brings the wine revolution, a 100% recycled and recyclable can ready to drink when and where you want. Contact us: sana@drinkzeena.com

NAX SOLUTIONS – NAX helps growers to make smarter decisions using satellite information. We model crops and provide irrigation and nitrogen management, anomalies detection, yield estimation …among others. We use only satellite images and, accessing to the historic, we combine past with present in order to predict the future, moving from what? when? where? and how much? to action and efficacy KPIs and metrics. Contact us: abernardis@naxsolutions.com

Network of Castles and Medieval towns – 1. Online sells through iHeritage platform: Freemium model; 2. iHeritage visitors experience in top unesco sites: Revenue sharing with entities managing the sites. Contact us: lucenzius@gmail.com

Northern Light Composites (nlcomp) – Nlcomp is an innovative startup that deals with solving one of the biggest problems in the marine industry. We have designed a recyclable composite – patent pending – that solves the problems related to the end of life of fiberglass and that has a lower impact than traditional composites thanks to the use of natural or recycled fibers. Contact us: f.bignolini@nlcomp.it

NOVELCORE – PREDICT is an innovative platform, based on AI capabilities, to support and enhance the quality of large-scale deliberations. It aims to unleash the power of democratic and participatory processes to aggregate ideas and co-create solutions that boost the desired reshaping of our democracies. Contact us: tsakalidis@novelcore.eu

OZ-TECH – OZ-TECH is a startup specialized in smart agriculture systems to have a sustained and easy agriculture which will serve the sustainable development goals and allows the farmers to increase their productivity and efficiency. To achieve our goal, we are building robots for agricultural purposes like planting, harvesting, weeding, and monitoring. Contact us: mohamedhammad3398@gmail.com

Re-pot Market – Supermarket based on circular economy that allows clients their consumption without generate waste. Contact us: aroset@repotmarket.com

Smartme.io – SmartMe is a company specialized in engineering and implementation of hardware and software systems based on Open Source Internet of Things technologies for management and care of complex environments within the fields of Industry/Agricolture 4.0 and smart city. We provide the best solutions for Smart Metering, Devices and Fleet Management systems, Monitoring, Crowdsensing, Anomaly Detection, Preemptive Maintenance and Smart Environment for all that realities (public administrations, utilities, companies) needing to make complex environments linked, smart, efficient and safe. Contact us: antonio@smartme.io

TERRAPLUS – TERRA+ offers monitoring and recording agri-food products during their life in the supply chain from the production unit to the consumer’s shelf. In essence, a digital profile of the product is built that the user can retrieve by scanning a QR code with his mobile phone. Contact us: info@terraplus.io

TribuApp – Tribuapp helps companies to get a second source of income by subletting their empty office spaces. The result? A marketplace with workplaces ready to get to work 40% cheaper than any coworking and with a broader variety of location, prices and qualities. Contact us: Rafael@tribuapp.es

Voicit – Voicit is the work tool that turns meetings into powerful information for companies. Our software automatically extracts the most important data, allowing attendees to focus on the meeting without losing any detail. The objective is to process data from multiple meetings in order to generate an advanced analysis with key information for business decision making. Contact us: alvaroarres@voicit.com