• September 28th, 2017

Barcelona, September 28th, 2017 – Academy on the “Role of BSOs to support businesses in difficulty” and “Digitalisation of Chamber Services”, Casa Llotja de Mar, Barcelona, Spain.  In the framework of EUROMED InvestEUROCHAMBRES would like to invite you to EUROMED Invest Academy, taking place in Barcelona on 24-25-26 October 2017.

The EUROMED Invest Academy aims to exchange best practices among EU and Mediterranean Business Support Organisations to improve the quality of their services provided to members. The objectives of this Academy are twofold: it will focus on the (i) Role of Chambers in supporting businesses in difficulty, and work on (ii) the digitalisation of Chamber services. More specifically, this Academy is a unique opportunity to acquire knowledge on how to support SMEs facing difficulties, using 6 practical toolkits which have already been developed and tested by EU Chambers. In today’s economy, it is indeed crucial to support entrepreneurs in difficulties, offering tools to prevent insolvency, tailored mentoring at a financial, legal and strategic level, as well as support to second starters.

Following this hands-on training, participants will have the opportunity to develop long-term partnerships with EU Chamber experts, by joining the Economic Forum on Digitalisation of Chamber Services. During this forum, participants will obtain best practise on digital services and set up bilateral Chamber-to-chamber meetings.

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