• May 9th, 2022

Barcelona, May, 2022 – By Anwar Zibaoui, General Coordinator of ASCAME. Article translated from Spanish, originally posted in La Vanguardia.

The new trade routes between East and West will no longer be for silks, but for ideas and knowledge. The richness and cultural diversity of the Mediterranean, the sea of three continents, could be where this exchange of creativity and innovation takes place. And Barcelona, linked to Europe and overlooking Africa, could become the global location dedicated to finding solutions to meet the far-reaching and bespoke creative needs of investors and businesses.

Demand for entertainment in the region is booming. Regional revenues are estimated to grow by 3% per annum until 2024, well above the global estimate of 2%. With its business-ready infrastructure and leading position, Barcelona offers creators the opportunity to explore untapped potential. There are human resources, youth, talented women, distribution capacity… What is more: creativity thrives on optimism, and Barcelona and the Mediterranean have this resource in abundance.

There is great pressure on creative businesses on a global scale. A welcoming Barcelona can attract the talent of thousands of people. Therefore, we need to foster a strategy rooted on creative economy, with a legislative and investment environment that increases the region’s attractiveness to innovators, investors and entrepreneurs. The demand for highly skilled creative talent is increasing exponentially, and is linked to sustainable cities that accelerate transformations and human-centred experiences.

Being a global Mediterranean hub for content and media creation means to avoid sitting around and to continue looking for new ways to attract global companies and nurture talent to boost regional and local entrepreneurship. Barcelona promotes brainstorming and production, in a free-thinking environment, with clusters and support networks. It is a city that wants to foster a sustainable knowledge-based future and create agile public-private synergies that drive a dynamic, creative and innovative environment.

It is possible to create a unique platform dedicated to providing an environment that fosters the adoption and testing of new technologies and innovation. The audiovisual sector is a key factor in promoting cultural diversity at local and international level. The emergence and networking of professional associations should be encouraged and the creation of a common regional market should be pursued.

In recent years, the way audiovisual content is made, distributed and consumed has been reshaped, but the essence of production has not changed: creativity is still the space where artistic collaboration and collective inspiration meet, where invention and conception take place. In conclusion, Barcelona could be a meeting point and a tool of dialogue and communication that transcends national and linguistic borders.