• September 12th, 2023
  • Floods in Derna - Lybia

Libya needs help now 

Ascame expresses its full solidarity with Libya following the storm and floods which affected certain regions of this country, causing several losses of human lives and property. Ascame also expresses its deep condolences and sincere compassion to its brother people and to the families of the victims of this difficult ordeal, as well as its wishes for a speedy recovery to the injured. 

The Mediterranean region is increasingly exposed to natural risks, As we have seen this year, terrifying earthquakes in Morocco, Turkey and Syria, the latest floods in Greece and other countries in our region, natural disasters requiring strong mechanisms  for prevention, preparedness, and management. Therefore, a Euro-Mediterranean project is  urgently needed to assess current and future environmental risks that affect human security. A  priority for Euro-Mediterranean cooperation should be civil protection, by preventing and  responding to different types of emergencies in the region. 

We encourage all ASCAME members and the private sector of the entire Mediterranean region  to promote initiatives that help the population and SMEs in devastated areas. 

Derna desperately needs international assistance! Estimates are rising into the thousands of dead. 

Libya can count on the solidarity of Ascame and the Mediterranean private sector of its Chambers of Commerce and its companies. 

Ahmed Alwakil President Of Ascame  

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