• April 14th, 2022

13th of April, Sète (France) – As part of the PSAMIDES project and the Interreg Med Blue Growth Community, ASCAME Project Team participated in a capitalization hybrid event set to foster the greening of the cruise industry.

The event was a platform to highlight key recommendations and to showcase some concrete solutions to encourage and support the transition of the Cruise and Recreational boating sectors towards environmental, social and sustainable transitions. This fits with ASCAME’s goal to bring long-term and inclusive development to all the Mediterranean.

This meeting took place in the framework of “Escale à Sète”, an international event happening from the 12th to the 18th of April 2022, and counted among its reputed speakers with the participation of:

  • Mr. Jean-Claude Gayssot, President of the Port of Sète
  • Mr. Olivier Carmes, General Director of the Port of Sète
  • Mr Linos Voskarides, representative of the DG Maritime Affairs and Fisheries of European Commission

A crucial sector for our future in common

The growth of the cruise sector is particularly strong in the Mediterranean region:

  • It represents 27% of global maritime traffic and hosts 10% of the world’s cruises.
  • The cruise and Recreational Boating is the most important sector of the tourism economy in terms of gross value added and job creation.
  • The Mediterranean Sea is also a popular destination for recreational boating.
  • Most of the recreational boats that circulate in the Mediterranean are less than 24 meters long, but the number of large yachts is increasing, in line with global trends.

During the event, the main impacts of the Blue Growth and PSAMIDES project  were presented and the participants discussed about new common strategic guidelines for a more effective management of tourism flows in the Mediterranean.

About PSAMIDES project:

PSAMIDES project is part of the Blue Growth Med Community. It seeks to promote sustainable solutions and to help Small & Medium ports to be more sustainable, by implementing innovative tools (better tourist flows management, control costs improvement, diversification of services to users, boosting eco-innovation initiatives, reducing environmental externalities derived from touristic activities). The project connects businesses with S&M ports through innovative solutions. A data bank has also been created gathering numerous ressources related to innovation, technologies, and services.

What has been done thanks to this project?

  • Eight port-related technologies tested: Mooring occupation sensors; Remote water and electricity supply; Floating plastic trap device; IOT Port Management; Port automation with cameras; Automated boat recording
  • Organisation of a “Matchmaking for Port authorities and digital providers” to support the development by SMEs of innovative solutions to boost the Marinas’ digital and ecological transitions.
  • Production of a “White Paper” to enhance collaborative practices among Med Marinas and Small and Medium Ports to reach better sustainability, facilitate access to open innovation, and to increase competitiveness

Are you interested in getting more information on lessons learned, activities and impacts of Blue Growth? Ask our Project team directly!

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