• December 20th, 2021

Last 14th December 2021, ASCAME and the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) held an exclusive webinar for ASCAME’s members.

The goal of the online session was to present ICC’s Chambers Connect, a community platform created for chambers of commerce worldwide. With this platform, free of charge, all chambers can: request its dedicated chamber space to publish its latests news, projects, events and documents; interact with other chambers; receive answers to key questions; and gain a chance to be recognized as Chamber of the Month.

The webinar was extremely fruitfuil and offered all the members that attended first-hand knowledge on the many possibilities that Chambers Connect presents. It was also a chance to network and share their experiences with the platform, as well as to put on the table their interests and needs when it comes to interconnection with other chambers.

ASCAME celebrates the success of the event, as it was a great way to strengthen the ASCAME community in order to work together for the unite Mediterranean.

You can see some pictures of the event here.