• January 28th, 2022

Since the day ASCAME was founded in 1982, it has worked to bring prosperity to the Mediterranean. That is why, this year, ASCAME will celebrate its 40th anniversary by bringing its community into a whole new era.

Chambers of Commerce and Industry must realign the services they provide to their members to remain effective advocates for business in the digital and green era. In this context, business and technology trends are key, as well as challenges and opportunities emerging in today’s changing landscape, especially for Chambers of Commerce that want to adopt Chambers 4.0. and innovate to remain relevant in the face of new realities.

Chambers must work to cultivate an entrepreneurial ecosystem to support the small and medium-sized businesses that will continue to play a vital role in the regional and global economy. After all, those environmental, social and governance principles will be the key drivers of business in the future, and companies must move towards the challenge of achieving net zero carbon emissions.

Mediterranean Chambers are now a more integrated and connected community, thanks to the efforts of ASCAME, and our work in that regard will continue.

ASCAME will champion a program designed to help chambers chart a proper course for a new era of business: one that is digital, green and blue. This programme will be an important reference tool that can guide Chambers as they outline their own strategies for transitioning to Chambers 4.0 and embracing innovation, providing a foundation for building a framework for Chambers’ activities in the future.

ASCAME is committed to the Mediterranean’s prosperity and development. We have amazing talents in the region who just need to be put on the spotlight. We believe in all forms of empowerment, as they are what will make us prosper.

That’s why we work to make the Mediterranean great again.