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  • 09/02/2022
  • online, Spain
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ASCAME offers its members a unique opportunity to unlock talent in their regions. In this Info session, attendees will learn how to use INTECMED’s incubator programme to help innovators in their network access financing, training and networking.

The session will welcome members of the ASCAME community in the following countries: Western Greece (Greece), Andalusia (Spain), Tunisia and Alexandria Governatore (Egypt). They will receive first-hand information on the benefits of the incubator, a rundown on how to apply and must-know insights for the success of proposals.

The incubator programme offers:

  • Personalised 6-weeks free mentorship with experts
  • Sub-grants up to 30.000€ for each selected business idea
  • The opportunity to connect with investors and entrepreneurs across the region

The target/preferred applicants are:

  • PhD students
  • Innovators from Research & Innovation Institutes
  • Start-ups
  • General innovators and SMEs working on innovation

ASCAME is inviting its community to this informative session so the relevant organisations can inform their network and capture the best of the human capital of the region, by empowering their skills and business ideas related to innovation and commercialisation of research results.This session will be held in English, French, Greek and Spanish.


– 20’ Check-in and project briefing in English and French

-30’ Breakout rooms by Language (English, French, Spanish and Arabic)

  • Description of the call by region: mentorship programme, sub-grants, eligibility, focus sectors, preferred candidates
  • Demo on how to apply, useful links
  • Q&A

-10’ Next Steps and Closing

Join us to empower the Mediterranean’s talent! Register here.