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Since November 2023, Leancubator, the new Algerian sustainable hub for innovation and start-up generation, brings together SMEs and startups in the tourism sector as part of the Eco-Cruising FU_TOUR Project. Through different workshops held in different Mediterranean cities, such as Italy, Tunisia, Morocco and, for sure, Algeria, CEOs, researchers and experts from a wide range of sectors share their insights and experiences to adopt a more environmentally conscious mindset in the tourism industry.

These fruitful forums pursue two main objectives. The first one is seeking synergies to develop the green transition in the tourism industry by contributing to CO2 reduction and a better-protected environment, apart from exploring and developing new ecotourism initiatives. In this sense, the workshops become a great opportunity to get together public and private sectors and universities and research centers to jointly advance to the necessary sustainable transition. The second objective is to position Algeria on the Mediterranean map through an eco-responsible tourism package. Proof of this is the cruising industry in this country, which despite being in an emerging phase, is increasingly implementing sustainable practices while guaranteeing authentic tourist experiences. Another great example is the remarkable eco-tourism potential of the Algerian cities of Jijel and Nejaia as a preferred destinations due to their geographical proximity.  In addition, the workshops have been an excellent opportunity for Leancubator to meet potential strategic partners, such as ISRAA MEDIA, HR TECHNOLOGY, the Fishing Port Management Company, or Mannum, among others. These promising collaborations underline the importance of the ECO-CRUISING TU_TOUR initiative in the development of a sustainable tourism ecosystem in Algeria and also in the Mediterranean region.


By orchestrating the convergence of participants from diverse sectors, these workshops have become a space conducive to fruitful dialogue, offering promising prospects for the flourishing of sustainable tourism in Algeria and beyond. The diverse presence of eminent companies, dynamic SMEs, innovative startups and key players within the tourism industry infuse a stimulating richness into the exchanges, broadening horizons in a forward-looking way. For instance, during this period the ‘DZ Sustainable Tourism Community’ was created with the aim of fostering ongoing collaboration between participants. Apart from this, crucial debates and decisions have been taken, such as critical analysis of integrated solutions and good practices on circular economy and sustainability in the tourism industry. In addition, the eco-intelligent activities, products and services presented by the companies can be replicated in the Mediterranean region.

About Leancubator

Leancubator was launched in 2021 by the Algeria Start-Up Challenge -the biggest Algerian programme that creates opportunities for startups by building the innovation of tomorrow- to both incubate and accelerate innovative projects. This hub for innovation offers to types of programmes. Firstly, the Incubation of Innovative Projects, a 20-week programme addressed to entrepreneurs who need support to mature their business project. At the end of this training course, project leaders will be able to produce a prototype for market testing, in an exploratory approach based on continuous learning. This programme enables them to validate each stage of the solution’s development by being in contact with the field under the watchful eyes of experts.


Secondly, the Innovation Acceleration Programme, which comes after the incubation, is aimed at startups in the initial business phase. Lasting 12 weeks, this program enables startups to finally validate their business model and technical solution, before embarking on the road to growth and scaling up. This phase also includes support for fundraising.


The ECO-CRUISING FU_TOUR Project is co-funded by the European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency (CINEA), under the European Maritime, Fisheries and Aquaculture Fund (EMFAF). Coordinated by X23 Innovation Bakery from Italy, implemented by project partners ENIT from Italy, ASCAME from Spain, Green Evolution from Greece, CMMI and Celestyal from Cyprus, Leancubator from Algeria, and Tangier City Port Management Company from Morocco. Holding a blue mission, the project is boosting sustainable development in the cruising and tourism sectors, emphasizing the blue economy in the West Mediterranean with a focus on Italy, Spain, Algeria, and Morocco. The project aims to address common challenges and contribute to the achievement of three main goals: a safer and more secure maritime space, a smart and resilient blue economy and a better governance of the sea.

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