The Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services of the Tangier-Tetouan-Al Hoceima Region in Morocco chairs the ASCAME Renewable Energies Commission.

In a context of strong energy demand, the Mediterranean must take advantage of its potential in the field of renewable energies, especially the wind and solar energies.


The main objectives of the Commission are the following ones:

  • Undertaking a diagnostic on the situation and the state of the art of the Renewable Energies’ sector in the different Mediterranean countries
  • Identification of the new challenges that affect the development of the sector in the Mediterranean
  • Strengthening the capacities between the different ASCAME members in the field of renewable energies, but also, on a larger scale, between the private and public sectors
  • Establishing an information network for the exchange of statistics, news, data and ongoing projects in the Renewable Energy sector
  • Organizing missions of businessmen/ women and experts in the filed between the different Mediterranean countries in the field.

Aware of the importance of the renewable energies, especially regarding a clean, secure and economic energy supply, Morocco has adopted since 2009 an energy strategy based on renewable energies.