Environment, Climate Change & Water
Alexandria Chamber of Commerce


The Chamber of Commerce of Alexandria in Egypt, chairs the ASCAME Commission of Environment, Climate Change & Water.

The green economy is currently the main focus worldwide. This entails generating clean energy from renewable resources, limiting the negative impacts on the environment, conserving natural resources, enhancing energy efficiency and expanding energy storage capacity.

There are many possible impacts of climate change which represent great concerns for the future of the Mediterranean in medium and long terms. The challenge is now both to reduce GHG emissions, and to adapt to changes that are already ongoing and those to come in future, to reduce the vulnerability of societies.


One of the main objectives of the Environment and Climate Change Commission is to transfer good practices and success stories in the green economy among the Mediterranean countries.

The Chamber of Commerce of Alexandria has a wealth of experience in some sectors related to the environmental field such as the waste management, the green energies or the energy efficiency especially through its participation in some European projects or other initiatives: GMI, Foster in Med, Med Solar Plan, etc.