Conventional Energy
Istanbul Chamber of Commerce


The Chamber of Commerce of Istanbul, Turkey, chairs the ASCAME Conventional Energy Commission.

The energy sector is today playing a crucial role in the global economy. As energy is the core of economic and social development in developing countries, the development of effective energy systems in the Mediterranean countries will create jobs, regional development and economic growth.


In this context, one of the main objectives of the Conventional Energy Commission will be reinforcing technologies and the exchange of good practices and experiences in the field of Conventional Energy among the members of ASCAME.

The Commission is also planning to establish an information network for the exchange of statistics, news, data and ongoing projects in the field by contributing articles in the web-site of ASCAME.

Stating ASCAME’s opinion in the international conferences concerning the conventional energy and raising the awareness of the governments are the top priorities of the Commission. At this point, within the context of the Mediterranean Business Days on Energy, the Commission will organize an international conference in Istanbul in the last quarter of 2014.

Istanbul Chamber of Commerce has a wealth of experience in sectors related to the energy field such as the conventional energy, renewable energies and the green energies through its networking with national and international energy organizations and participation in the European projects.

The Commission on Conventional Energies has been created in 2013 and has organized its first meeting in the framework of the Executive Committee meeting held in Tangiers the 2nd of May.