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UfM Energy Platforms annual meeting

The annual meeting of the three UfM Energy Platforms will be the opportunity to present the deliverables and the implementation status of the activities included in the Work Program 2017 as well as to present the foreseen activities for 2018.


MedaWeek Barcelona 2017 celebrates diversity and triumphs over regional uncertainties

The Mediterranean Week of Economic Leaders (MedaWeek Barcelona) today closed its 11th edition with two key messages for the region, and wider international public. The first, is launching new initiatives for greater socio-economic development in the Mediterranean, in order to foster cross-border collaboration. The other – and by no means less important – is to consolidate Barcelona as the regional socio-economic hub, making it the Mediterranean city for exchange, dialogue and integration.


Mediterranean Women Entrepreneurs met to promote business and investment opportunities

The Women Entrepreneurship and Investment Programme (WEIP) was the occasion to promote women's entrepreneurship in the Mediterranean region, where the proportion of women entrepreneurs is two to three times lower than the world average. Over 70 Mediterranean women entrepreneurs were able to meet to exchange experiences and best practices and explore new business and investment opportunities.


Barcelona: A new vision of green economy for the Mediterranean

The Eco MedaGreen Summit will be held on November 23 in Barcelona, in the framework of the Mediterranean Week of Economic Leaders (MedaWeek Barcelona). Public representatives, entrepreneurs, multilateral institutions, and international experts will discuss the emergence of Mediterranean sustainability in four priority areas: water, solar energy, wind energy and sustainable cities.


UfM Workshop “Boosting employability in the Mediterranean region: which role for internships?"

The workshop will gather representatives from entreprises, higher education institutions and civil society organizations from both rims of the Mediterranean to discuss opportunities and challenges related to the development of internships in the region and the specific role of the private sector in that regard.


MedaWeek Barcelona 2017: ASCAME and UfM join forces to advance economic development in the Mediterranean

2,000 businesspeople from the region are expected to participate in the Mediterranean Week of Economic Leaders (MedaWeek) which is to be held in Barcelona on 22-24 November 2017.


Stakeholder conference on the sustainable development of the blue economy in the western Mediterranean

The event aims to promote an exchange of views among stakeholders operating in the maritime sector, namely businesses, researchers, institutes, national and local authorities belonging to the Western Mediterranean Countries.


Over 1,500 entrepreneurs from 32 countries attend the 9th Mediterranean Week of Economic Leaders

As in previous editions, the Mediterranean private sector represented by ASCAME, has been positioned in the regional political agenda to catalyst solutions that can answer accordingly to socioeconomic turbulences affecting the region.


9th Mediterranean Week of Economic Leaders in the framework of the 20 years of the Barcelona Declaration

ASCAME (the Association of the Mediterranean Chambers of Commerce and Industry) organizes the 9th edition of the Mediterranean Week of Economic Leaders, in order to take the voice of the private sector to political sphere.