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ASCAME celebrated the 2nd EBSOMED Executive Committee & Working Group and presented its activities

ASCAME celebrated the 2nd EBSOMED Executive Committee & Working Group and presented its activities. The second meeting of the Executive Committee of the EBSOMED project has been held on December 13th 2018, in Brussels.


ASCAME organized the BCN EBSOMED Academy 2018 “Support and Improve the Quality of Business Support Organisations (BSO) & Promote BSO Networking”

ASCAME organised the BCN EBSOMED Academy 2018: Support and Improve the Quality of Business Support Organisations (BSO) & Promote BSO Networking, on November 21st and 22nd, 2018, in Barcelona, Spain. It was organised in the framework of the MedaWeek Barcelona.


Blue Growth Community Mid-Term Conference | 22nd - 23rd November 2018

The Blue Growth community (Interreg Med) organized its mid-term conference entitled “Blue Economy: The Blue Way of Life”, which served as a platform to reinforce Mediterranean cooperation and to present the state of the art of the current initiatives developed in the blue economy framework


MedaWeek Barcelona 2017 celebrates diversity and triumphs over regional uncertainties

The Mediterranean Week of Economic Leaders (MedaWeek Barcelona) today closed its 11th edition with two key messages for the region, and wider international public. The first, is launching new initiatives for greater socio-economic development in the Mediterranean, in order to foster cross-border collaboration. The other – and by no means less important – is to consolidate Barcelona as the regional socio-economic hub, making it the Mediterranean city for exchange, dialogue and integration.


Innovation for the development of marine energies in the Mediterranean

The InnoBlueGrowth transnational capitalization event "Innovation for the development of maritime energies in the Mediterranean" will take place the 27 and 28 of November 2017 in the University Partenope, Naples, Italy.


Barcelona: A new vision of green economy for the Mediterranean

The Eco MedaGreen Summit will be held on November 23 in Barcelona, in the framework of the Mediterranean Week of Economic Leaders (MedaWeek Barcelona). Public representatives, entrepreneurs, multilateral institutions, and international experts will discuss the emergence of Mediterranean sustainability in four priority areas: water, solar energy, wind energy and sustainable cities.


Green Solutions in MED Roadshow

The aim of this Euro-Mediterranean Business Roadshow is to meet business & technology players, discuss cooperation proposals, participate in technical workshops and share views with market and sector experts.


MEDports Workshop | Low Carbon logistics solutions in MED

This workshop will address, with a panel of high level experts and representatives of the Med ports’ top management, the crucial issue of the decarbonisation of the supply chain and will explore available low carbon logistics solutions deployed or to be deployed within the Mediterranean searoutes and ports.


From MedCOP21 to MedCOP22: Supporting the massive development of green economy in the Mediterranean

ASCAME is actively involved in the organization of the MedCOP Climate 2016, which will take place on 18-19 July in Tangier, Morocco.



MedCOP Climat will follow-up the approved commitments at MedCOP 21 and reaffirm the Mediterranean dimension as a relevant actor for the fight against climate change.