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ASCAME fosters new areas of investment through the new MAIA-TAQA European Project

“Mobilizing new Areas of Investments and Together aiming to Increase Quality of Life for All” is the aim of the recently launched ‘MAIA-TAQA’ European Project, whose kick-off event was held on the 2nd and 3rd October at the Greek Centre for Renewable Energy Sources and Saving (CRES). ASCAME, as one of the project partners and co-organisers of the event, promoted actively MAIA-TAQA main activities.


Results of the ENI CBC MED standard call for projects: success of ASCAME members

Within the framework of the standard ENI CBC MED 2014-2020 call for projects, ASCAME members are involved in more than half of the approved projects.


ENI CBC Med Programme first step results

ASCAME congratulates its members that have succeeded the first phase of the ENI CBC MED Programme call for standard projects.


ASCAME’s delegation reinforce their commitment to the regional development through the ENI CBC MED program

An ASCAME’s delegation from eight Mediterranean countries -members of the Association- have met this week in Cagliari, Italy, to explore potential collaboration in Euro-Mediterranean cooperation projects in light of the new calls of the European ENI CBC Med program.


ASCAME promotes solar energy in the Mediterranean through the European project Foster in Med

During the last years, ASCAME and its wide network of chambers of commerce in the Mediterranean have been involved in cross-border cooperation projects that are channeling the region towards an energy diversification


The Green MED Initiative: Mediterranean challenges urban solid waste and bets for environmental sustainability

A total of 162 Reverse Vending Machines have been installed in schools and universities of 5 Mediterranean countries, while 86.856 users recycled 691.114 plastic bottles and cans in Italy, Lebanon, Spain and Tunisia.


ASCAME conducts the training of hundreds of students and technical personnel of SMEs on the photovoltaic solar sector in Spain and the Mediterranean

A total of 180 designers, 120 installers of SMEs and 150 university students have already benefited from these training programs at regional level.


The Green MED Initiative project engages students and companies from the Mediterranean region in Corporate Social Responsibility activities

Under the slogan «There is no planet B, Recycle!» , the Green MED Initiative (GMI) project has successfully engaged students and companies from the Mediterranean region in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities through the return of single-use beverage containers, hence reducing their ecological impact.


Over 600 students from Catalonia learn about the benefits offered by solar energy

The Association of the Mediterranean Chambers of Commerce and Industry (ASCAME), in collaboration with the Cluster for the Internationalisation and Innovation of Spanish Solar Companies (Solartys), has provided this year seminars in several schools of Catalonia, in the framework of the European project FOSTEr in MED, to raise awareness about the benefits offered by solar energy in the Mediterranean region among young people.


The partners of the OPTIMED Project met in Barcelona for its Final Steering Committee

The Final OPTIMED project Steering Committee took place on 19th December in Barcelona.