Young Entrepreneurs

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Presidency:Illa Chamber of Commerce


The Chamber of Commerce of Illa, Greece, chairs the ASCAME Commission of Young Entrepreneurs.

When the countries which have achieved economical improvement in the globalizing world are reviewed, it becomes clear that the economical structure should be entrepreneurial and innovative in order to improve the industrial structure, raise the competitive strength, increase the employment and improve the level of income. Training young entrepreneurs therefore becomes more important in order to revive our region, namely the Mediterranean.

Based on developments in technology and faster access to information sources, entrepreneurship should be improved and encouraged in Mediterranean countries, especially among young. It represents a driving force regarding the development of our region and its influence at the international level.

The commission will be focused constantly on the lookout for operational programs, international partnerships and transnational cooperation programs as well as strategic projects in order to enhance competitiveness, innovation and create opportunities for our business environment.

The main objective of the Young Entrepreneurs commission will be to provide support services to young entrepreneurs, en particular, as regards the development, management and implementation of business plans in coherence with other EU programs in the fields of business administration, market research, innovation, industrial design and know-how.