Tourism Commission

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Presidency:Chamber of Commerce of Malaga


The Chamber of Commerce of Malaga, Spain, chairs the ASCAME Tourism Commission.

Tourism is a major pillar of the Mediterranean economy and represents the first sector in the region, especially due to its geographic location with its pleasant climate and its wide variety of destinations.

When dealing with the tourism sector it is important to take the following issues into account:

  1. Sustainability. Implementing a sustainable tourism is essential in order to minimize the negative impacts of tourism from an economic, social and environmental point of view, while maximizing the positive effects of it.
  2. Employment. As per the UNWTO (UN World Tourism Organisation), the tourism sector is the one that generates most employment on a world and on a Mediterranean level.  It is thus fundamental to improve the formation of the tourism sector professionals in order to enhance the quality of the Mediterranean tourism offer
  3. Global Climate change and its effects on the tourism industry.

The main objective of the Commission is to encourage all the ASCAME members to adopt a common tourism destination of good quality.

The CCI Malaga has already supported the Association in its ambition to play a major role in the tourism sector, especially by organizing the 4th edition of MEDITOUR in 2010 and encouraging all the initiatives in favor of the Tourism in the Mediterranean.