Arbitration and Mediation

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Presidency:Beirut Chamber of Commerce
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The Chamber of Commerce of Beirut, Lebanon, CCIABML, chairs the ASCAME Commission of Arbitration.

For the last two decades, the arbitration has established itself as the most suitable solution in order to resolve conflicts arising from breaches or violations of contracts.

The Mediterranean has currently 100 formal centers of arbitration which use to address solutions to the conflicts arising between enterprises of a same country. Nevertheless, many infrastructure projects are being implemented in the region and this requires many subcontractors or business partners from the south.

The main objective of the Arbitration commission is to upgrade the Mediterranean centers of arbitration and mediation so that the international entrepreneurs agree to be involved in the process; failing this the cooperation might be difficult.

Lebanon has a wealth of experience in the arbitration and mediation sector, especially thanks to its Lebanese Center of Arbitration and Mediation that has received the respect of the judicial authorities and business partners. During the Executive Committee of the 20th of November 2013, the convention granting the ASCAME label to the Lebanese Center of Arbitration and Mediation.

The objective of the initiative is to encourage the other Mediterranean centers of arbitration and mediation to ask for the label ASCAME in order to upgrade all the centers in the region.