The Sassari Chamber of Commerce establishes the International Award "Mediterranean Heritage of Humanity"

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The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Sassari, member of ASCAME, and Habitat World organized the International Prize "MEDITERRANEAN HERITAGE OF HUMANITY'" on 4th May 2019 in Alghero, Italy in the framework of the Nautic Event 315°.

The objective of the prize was awarding and promoting the best projects aimed at the protection and enhancement of the huge and extraordinary historical, archaeological, landscape, environmental, artistic and cultural heritage of the Mediterranean, for an innovative future of relaunch of prosperity with respect for the human and environmental resources.  

The Prize had two categories:

  • Projects on Sustainable Regeneration and Recovery: Innovative projects of regeneration in safeguarding of coastal areas, fluvial and marine environment; projects of reconversion of industrial sites and unused port areas; key innovative projects for the economic and environmental sustainability of tourist, commercial and industrial harbors. The winner of this category was the Greek Project COSTA NOSTRUM by Mr. Vasileios Zisimopouluscon.
  • Projects of Arts and Culture: Artistic and cultural projects which are innovative and provide for the involvement and the social participation, focusing on the upkeep and valorization of the historical and artistic heritage, with particular attention to the environment, the landscape and the historical stratification of the areas in which they are inserted; innovative projects for the recovery of arts and professions in particular vis-a-vis the sea and the nautical environment. The winner of this category was the Egyptian project SHAZLI by Mr. Hamdy Mahamud.

During the Awards Ceremony, ASCAME, as the main representative of the Mediterranean private sector was represented by its Vice-President on behalf of Italy, and Vice-President of the Cagliari Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Emanuele Garzia, who had the chance to introduce ASCAME and its commitment to the Mediterranean to the attendees of the event.

The event counted with the participation of relevant entrepreneurs, maritime enterprises and associations, Chambers of Commerce and institutional representatives such as the Ambassadors of Albania, Croatia and Egypt.

ASCAME congratulates its member, the Sassari Chamber of Commerce and Habitat World for its efforts in this initiative and encourages its members and network to work for the care and development of the Mediterranean heritage.


More information about the Award here.

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