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             Development and promotion of

      Mediterranean Sustainable Adventure Tourism           



MEDUSA - Development and promotion of Mediterranean Sustainable Adventure Tourism  


The overall objective of the project is to develop a competitive form of adventure tourism in the Mediterranean, that is based on environmental, social and economic sustainability values.

Concretely MEDUSA aims to:

  • Identify and valorize territorial assets for developing AT products, especially off-season, based on a thorough understanding of market demand drivers, supply and competitiveness variables.
  • Promote a multi-stakeholder engagement to capacity building and exchange of experiences and adopt strategic alliances that will formalize roles and responsibilities for AT destination stewardships.
  • Implement pilot actions rolling out improved and new AT products, as well as develop and promote tourism packages through a cross-border marketing alliances to international source markets.


Sustainable and adventure tourism, economic development






3 years (2019 – 2022)


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