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HOMERe : High Opportunity for Mediterranean Executives Recruitment



Increase employability prospects for high-level post-graduates in the region, and in particular their access to qualified first jobs, through the implementation of 6-months international internships at the headquarters of a company with Mediterranean development prospects.

Facilitate recruitment procedures and guarantee successful recruitment procedures for employers located in the participating countries. HOMERe will support employers in in identifying high-level post-graduates whose profile meets their business development needs in the region.



Employment, job creation, labour integration, training, youth


Target groups

Post-graduates and companies operating in the Mediterranean region.



Post-graduates and beyond, when skills requirements of the internship offer need a broader sourcing.

Companies operating in the Mediterranean region, i.e. with import/export activities and/or subsidiaries and/or joint-venture companies and/or development prospects in the region (for instance : Algerian company owning a company in Spain, French company with Moroccan subsidiary, Lebanese company with local office in Egypt, etc.).


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