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Blue Growth Community – Horizontal Communication & Capitalization project for Innovation in Blue Growth at Mediterranean level



After laying the foundations of a strong community during the project's first phase (InnoBlueGrowth), Blue Growth Community comes now to its capitalization phase. It will assist and coordinate the modular/integrated projects dealing with Blue Growth in their communication and capitalization activities, creating and ensuring internal (inter-community) and external synergies, knowledge sharing, transfer and capitalization for policy making projects recommendations take-on by key stakeholders (projects, SMEs, decision-makers, technicians researchers, etc.). 

Blue Growth's plans of action, that will be based on the thematic focus of Blue growth past and upcoming MPs, will address various audiences through specific tools (events, training, associates peer reviews, policy recommendations), channels (media, social networks, videos, online publications), and messages.

The aim is to help the external multilevel stakeholders to take-on the technical modular projects results and use them into policy-making at a multi-level governance scale, and the SMEs to benefit from the further development of the blue economy and entrepreneurship. The above actions will keep contributing to the sustainable socio-economic development of the MED area through innovative investments in the Blue economy. The results will reach not only the projects and programmes scales, but also beyond, at the Member States and Mediterranean levels.



Blue Growth, blue energy, renewable energy, maritime surveillance



1,470,588.24€ (co-funding 85%)



3 years (2019-2022)


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