ASCAME, spokesman of the private sector in the Mediterranean

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The Mediterranean Week of Economic Leaders extend the consultation of all entrepreneurs who wish to speak in the presence of the representatives of the European Union and the Union for the Mediterranean.

MEDITOUR brings together leading tour operators in the Mediterranean basin, becoming a unique opportunity to create synergies and to develop the tourism.


As the world becomes aware of the importance of the "Public- Private" partnership, ASCAME, The Association of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of the Mediterranean, reveals itself as a model of its kind, which can heavily contribute to the emergence of the South countries and to the constitution of an Euromed area whose hegemony cannot be challenged in this area of the world.

All Mediterranean countries as well as all the Chambers of Commerce of the region are called to be part of the ASCAME. For a country to be active it is necessary that all the Chambers of Commerce of the country, members of the ASCAME, reach an agreement to name the Chamber of Commerce that will represent them in the Executive Commitee. Like this a permanent dialogue and effective cooperation on all fronts are established. 20 Mediterranean countries are already represented on the Executive Commitee, which shows a very broad cooperation at all the regional level.

The organization facing the private sector today is the Union for the Mediterranean, which includes the 43 countries of the Euro-Mediterranean area. We can say that the willingness to cooperate is strong from all sides, but the social platforms and the economic instruments of the region must find their anchors inside the UfM and phase their efforts to strengthen the socio-economic climate of the region; well understood boradly including freedom, democracy, respect for human beings, equality of women, chid protection and the fight against insecurity and ignorance- in a word all objective development goals that today are grouped within the term "the new measures of economic well-being" which gave birth to inclusive development.

Our mainstay is, of course, the European Union. In its baptismal records are the seeds of a gradual evolution that began with the "pool" of coal and steel, which gave rise to a common market, and to a group of six countries , three of which already formed the Benelux area. No one should be surprised by the European Union expansion which can one day be covered by Euromed. This is doubtlessly useful today in economic terms.

In ASCAME we belive in doing useful work and we are, in a way, walking a historical path. The presence of 20 presidents of Chambers of Commerce on the Committee allows us to feel the pulse of the economy at the spot while others must wait for a long time to obtain statistical results. Through the network of national chambers, we can take action and make public- private partnership a reality.

Every year the Mediterranean Week of Economic Leaders extend the consultation of all entrepreneurs who wish to speak in the presence of the representatives of the European Union and the Union for the Mediterranean, among others.

MEDITOUR brings together leading tour operators in the Mediterranean basin, becoming a unique opportunity to create synergies and to develop the tourism activity beyond the borders of the region. The Franchise Exhibition captures a booming business and channels the investment and the promotion to the most profitable, and therefore the more useful, activities.

MEDACITY connects municipalities and operators- especially in the construction sector and public works- to brainstorm together on urban development strategies in the Mediterranean. This, not the mention many other pemanent punctual projects depending on the development of the juncture.

The logic of ASCAME is the logic of action. Thirty years ago it was a pious hope, only the more developed Chambers of Commerce of the Mediterranean wished to cooperate in order to exchange information and good practices. Today history has joined them, and ASCAME has a socio-economic mission anchored in the UfM in all its aspects.

Mohamed Choucair

President of ASCAME

President of Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Agriculture of Beirut and Mount-Lebanon