Opening Biennale Habitat 2020-2022

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Date: (5 May) The event has been postponed due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The new date will be announced soon.

Place: Rome, Italy

Subject: Mediterranean herritage


Description: Habitat World Biennale 2020 is an International event comprising a wide variety of activities that will be organised during a two-year period. The event, under the theme “the voyages of civilisations - the heritages of humanity - the future horizons”, will organise several activities on human values and well-being, Mediterranean cultural heritage and sustainability of natural and anthropogenic resources. 


Among the activities that will be organised there will be seminars, cultural performances, discussions, debates, visits, open days, trainings, a master’s degree, an innovation competition and thematic workshops. 


This 2-year event will be inaugurated in Rome on 5 May with the collaboration of ASCAME among other partners.  




Click here to read the concept note of Biennale Habitat 2020-2022.