Online ‘Mediterranean Meetings’ to promote investment in the region after COVID-19

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  • The first MedaMeeting will focus on investment opportunities in North Africa
  • Two thirds of the imports of the Maghreb countries come from the European Union, with Spain being one of the main partners representing 12% of the total
  • European companies only dedicate 2% of their investments to countries on the southern shore of the Mediterranean and 3% to Africa
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Barcelona, ​​February 10, 2021 - ASCAME (the Association of the Mediterranean Chambers of Commerce and Industry), in collaboration with the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce, launches a series of new events, the 'Mediterranean Meetings' (#MedaMeetings) - Exploring Mediterranean Markets, which will begin with the first of the meetings about North Africa (North Africa Countries Meeting) on Wednesday, February 25 at 3:30 p.m. (CET) in online format, to promote the recovery of the key sectors of the economies North Africa and increase trade flow in the post COVID-19 era.

The Mediterranean Meetings (#MedaMeetings) are part of the initiatives that materialise the proposals of the 'Recovery Plan and a New Economic Model for the Mediterranean', launched by ASCAME a few months ago, which aims to boost the growth of the region again after the pandemic crisis. These will consist of a set of webinars that will discuss current issues in the Mediterranean, such as economy, trade, investment and the key Industrial sectors. Participants will be able to talk about challenges, trends, forecasts and potential future collaborations for the private sector, as well as do some networking.

Two will be the types of meetings that will make up the #MedaMeetings. On the one hand, events on business and investment opportunities in different areas of the Mediterranean region (southern Europe, North Africa and the Middle East) and, on the other, events that will promote Mediterranean economies and meetings with companies from various countries around the

world (Brazil, USA, Gulf countries and sub-Saharan Africa). At the end of each webinar, sectoral and multi-sectoral B2B online meetings will take place among the attendees willing to participate.

The main features and business opportunities in the countries that integrate the North Africa region will be presented at the first meeting, the North Africa Countries Meeting, in which there will also be explained the advantages, good practices and experiences to attract investment, increase economic activity, facilitate commercial exchanges and the recovery of the economies of the region.

The Maghreb region is at a key political and economic moment for its future, becoming even more, if possible, an essential territory for the economic and strategic interests of Spain and Europe. “The economy and investment must be prioritised in the European Union-Maghreb relations”, clarifies Anwar Zibaoui, General Coordinator of ASCAME. “While two thirds of the imports of the Maghreb countries come from the EU, Spain being one of the main partners with 12% of the total, the trade balance of the European Union with the countries of the region generates a surplus that barely compensates a third of its deficit with China”, he adds.

Another of the relevant aspects in the MedaMeeting on North Africa will be the issue of the EU's great energy dependence on the Maghreb countries: almost 50% of Spain's gas comes from Algeria. In this context, European companies only dedicate 2% of their investments to countries on the southern shore of the Mediterranean and 3% to Africa. Figures that contrast with the increase in Chinese investment in the region of 15% in the Maghreb and 20% in Africa.

Presidents of Chambers of Commerce, as well as representatives of the North African public and private sectors, will be the speakers who will make up this first online panel, in which they will explain the economic situation of their respective country after the Coronavirus; provide examples of initiatives put in place to address it, and present business and investment opportunities.

Aimed at companies, entrepreneurs and professionals, experts, consultants, and university students, the online North Africa Countries Meeting will be open, free and accessible to everyone.

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