The members of ASCAME meet at MedaWeek Barcelona and agree on the renewal of President Ahmed M. El Wakil

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On the occasion of the 13th Mediterranean Week of Economic Leaders (MedaWeek Barcelona 2019), a large number of ASCAME members from all three continents gathered to meet in the ASCAME Executive Committee and General Assembly meetings.

The meetings were very productive to analyse the current situation, opportunities and challenges faced by the Association; submit applications to organise future ASCAME events, and vote on relevant decisions such as the renewal of statutory bodies and presidencies or the approval of new members requests.

First, the renewals of the corresponding positions were addressed. Agreed by unanimity, President Ahmed M. El Wakil will hold the Presidency of ASCAME for two more years. On the other hand, the renewal of the composition of the ASCAME Executive Committee and Board took place, with the Chamber of Beirut becoming the new treasurer of the Organisation. Finally, the presidencies of ASCAME Commissions were renewed.

In regards to the organisation of upcoming events, several members applied to host the usual ASCAME labelled events. The Mediterranean Tourism Forum (MediTour) will be co-organised and hosted in its 2020 edition by the Chamber of Commerce of the Fes Meknes region and, in 2022, by the Oran Chamber of Commerce.

Another major event, the Mediterranean Textile Forum (MediTex) will be co-organised and hosted by the Izmir Chamber of Commerce. Along the same lines, the Mediterranean Forum of Women Entrepreneurs (MedaWomen) will take place in Croatia in 2020 by the Croatian Chamber of Economy - Rijeka County Chamber. The Mediterranean Cities Forum (MedaCity) will be co-organised and hosted by the Croatian Chamber of Economy - Rijeka County Chamber in 2020 and most likely by the Piraeus Chamber of Commerce in 2021. Moreover, the Mediterranean Finance Forum (MedaFinance) will take place in 2020 in Cairo, Egypt. And, as a novelty, in June 2020, the Rabat Chamber of Commerce will launch the MEDCOSMETICS MOROCCO event.

New members from Greece, Jordan, France and Spain have joined ASCAME after approval and ratification in the General Assembly: Chalkidiki Chamber of Commerce (Greece), Aetolokarnania Chamber of Commerce (Greece), Zakynthos Chamber of Commerce (Greece), Jordan Forum for Business and Professional Women (JFBPW) (Jordan), Marche Region Chamber of Commerce (Italy), Association of Organisations of Mediterranean Businesswomen (AFAEMME) and the Federation of Construction, Urbanism and Environment (COBATY).

Finally, members talked about the evolution of the 2018-2022 ASCAME Strategic Plan and the 2020 and 2021 calendar of activities.

To see the pictures of the statutory meetings, please click here

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