Mediterranean women gather under the umbrella of the EBSOMED Project to empower young women entrepreneurs

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On the occasion of the 13th Mediterranean Week of Economic Leaders (MedaWeek Barcelona 2019), a large number of women from several Mediterranean countries met on 21 and 22 November in Barcelona to promote leadership and the integration of women in the business world, as well as to share the opportunities and challenges they face.

The activity was financed by the EBSOMED Project, whose objective is to promote the Mediterranean Business Ecosystem by boosting investment and job creation in the region with a view to economic growth. It was composed of two events of different format focused on strengthening the role of Mediterranean women.

The first day, 21 November, began with the Academy round table: "Let's talk about gender equality". In this meeting, women entrepreneurs presented themselves and their organisations and shared their best experiences, practices, future opportunities and key obstacles in order to promote entrepreneurship, digitalization, access to finance and digital education. It was a very dynamic round table, which counted with the participation of around 70 women entrepreneurs from Europe, Maghreb and Mashrek.  

The second day, 22 November, continued with the 11th edition of the Mediterranean Women Entrepreneurs Forum: "Unlocking the potential of Women Entrepreneurs", structured in three sessions that included topics of great relevance:

  • Session 1: Mediterranean Women "The Change is Already Here"
  • Session 2: Empowering a New Generation of Young Women Entrepreneurs
  • Session 3: Women Digital & Innovation Entrepreneurs "Role Models"

Both the round table and the Women Entrepreneurs Forum aimed to address women's leadership in their countries' businesses; the transmission of ideas and lessons learned to the younger generation; and above all, the value of these life experiences transmitted from consolidated businesswomen to young women entrepreneurs in their own language.

Both meetings also served to see the common difficulties and challenges in different countries, realizing that other women entrepreneurs around the Mediterranean have the same problems and to learn how the lessons and experiences shared are of great value when opening a debate and looking for ideas that can be applied in their countries.

As a result of this two-day event, the women participants were able to create a network of contacts between different Mediterranean countries with whom to share their concerns and exchange ideas. 

Among the speakers, relevant profiles from the economic-business field can be highlighted, such as Maria Helena de Felipe, President of AFAEMME; Saïda Neghza, President of CGEA and BUSINESSMED; Najoua Attia, President of the Cap Bon Chamber of Commerce and President of the Women Entrepreneurs Working Commission of ASCAME; Nathalie Pilhes, Founding Member, Euro-Mediterranean Women’s Foundation (FFEM); Rym Ayadi, Founder & President, Euro-Mediterranean Economists Association (EMEA); Madi Sharma, CEO of Madi Group; Taghrid Nafeisi, President of the Jordan Forum for Business and Professional Women (JFBPW) and Aicha Amrani, President of the Association of Women Entrepreneurs of Morocco (AFEM) among many others.


Click here to see the pictures of the 11th Mediterranean Women Entrepreneurs Forum.

Click here to see the pictures of the Academy round table. 


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