#Medaweek2015 November – Barcelona: Together, going further.

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This year the 13th edition of the Mediterranean Week of Economic Leaders will be held from the 25th to 27th of November in Barcelona under the slogan “Together, going further”.

The event will be organized by the ASCAME and the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce, with the collaboration of the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM), as a commitment for the 20th anniversary of the Barcelona Process and the birth of the Euro-Mediterranean Association.

More than 1.300 participants – mainly  companies, public and private representatives, regional and international organizations from all the Mediterranean – participated the last edition of #Medaweek2014.

Medaweek is considered as the major economic event in the Mediterranean region which gathers Regional and European views on the economic implications of the radical political transitions for further sustaining EU-Mediterranean solutions.

ASCAME objectives consist in creating plarforms of networking, B2B, reflection and doing business for Mediterranean companies and emerging sectors.

This year, the event will count on more than 15 events in parallel such as: Euro-Mediterranean Summit; Internal meetings: ASCAME’s General Assembly, ASCAME’s Executive Committee; executive committees of (BusinessMed and AFAEMME), project meetings (EUROMED Invest, FOSTEr in MED); Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) and 7 sectorial forums such as:

  1.  The 12th  NORTH AFRICA BUSINESS  DEVELOPMENT FORUM – NABDF will talk about the integration of the Maghreb region as in “Era of change”
  2. The 7th MEDITERRANEAN WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS FORUM  will discuss the  bi-directional relationship between economic development and women empowerment
  3. The 2nd  MEDITERRANEAN SOLAR FORUM  aims to share best practices, proposing concreate projects and creating new business opportunities in solar energy.
  4. The 7th MEDITERRANEAN ECONOMIC CITIES FORUM (MedaCity) will focus on the Mediterranean city values designing the future.
  5. The 3rd ISLAMIC FINANCE SUMMIT will play a key role in building bridges for capital flows between Europe, the Middle East and beyond with Islamic finance.
  6.  The 1st MEDITERRANEAN AUTOMOTIVE SUMMIT.  The expansion capacity to           manufacture,   export, and create jobs, and the jumpstarting of the market.
  7. The 1st MEDITERRANEAN CRUISE SUMMIT will bring together public and private institutions in order to discuss about the Med cruise industry as a tourism sector.

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