The Meda Logistics & Transport Summit closes its 15th edition renewing its commitment as never before

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Barcelona, June 7, 2017 - The Mediterranean Summit on Logistics and Transport today closed its 15th edition, focusing the debate on the unique positioning enjoyed by Mediterranean countries as international distribution centers at a time of great change. The forum, organized by the Association of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of the Mediterranean (ASCAME) together with the Barcelona Consortium of Zonas Francas and the support of the Chamber of Commerce Industry and Navigation of Barcelona, ​​attended by more than 300 attendees during the nine sessions organized on the two days, including institutional personalities from Mediteranean countries such as Egypt, Turkey and Spain, chambers of commerce from countries such as Croatia, Albania, Greece and Italy; as well as investors and entrepreneurs linked to the logistics sector, has offered to the participants varied and successful sessions on hot regional topics.

Within the framework of the International Logistics and Handling Exhibition of Barcelona (SIL 2017), the Mediterranean Forum on Logistics and Transport has addressed key issues such as the importance of logistics for regional economic development. In the words of Anwar Zibaoui, Coordinator of ASCAME, “Improving logistics must be a priority to recover and improve our economy”. In this context, Barcelona, ​​in the words of Pau Relat of the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce, has the potential to become a central logistics platform in the regional alliance and with the European Union. From the Egyptian Ministry of Transport, also present at the meeting, they have positioned Egypt as a regional and global hub for the sector.

The Forum has also dedicated a special session to the strong trade relations of the Mediterranean countries with markets in Eastern Europe such as Albania or Croatia, North Africa or the Gulf. Also, a special session was held on the increasingly important role of women in the logistics sector, favored by the development of TIC, according to Helena de Felipe, President of AFAEMME.

MedaPorts 2017 has also addressed the take-off of start-ups in this market, companies with one of the highest funding rates in the region in this sector. During the meeting, attendees said that the key to the success of regional logistics has to come from the digitization of all its processes, with communication and IT key factors to develop.

For its part, the 10th Mediterranean Summit of Ports has addressed the implications of the recently adopted Paris Agreement on climate change for the port and maritime transport. As Ambassador Ihab Fahmy, Deputy Secretary General of the Union for the Mediterranean in charge of Transport and Urban Development since July 2016 has stated, we need to launch a more efficient and sustainable regional transport.

The Summit has allowed, once again, to connect hundreds of people and companies from both shores of the Mediterranean. The Summit has closed by reaffirming the need for a new proposal for European and international policy for the Mediterranean for its logistics and infrastructures. In the words of the ASCAME Coordinator, Anwar Zibaoui, logistics is "blood for the economy".