Investing in North African Countries for post-COVID-19 recovery

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The 'Mediterranean North Africa Countries Meeting', held on February 25 in online format, counted on the participation of high-level speakers who presented their knowledge, experience and good practices to face the crisis after the COVID-19 pandemic in North African countries. Trade, investment, innovation and the green revolution were the key topics discussed in the two sessions of the first MedaMeeting (Mediterranean Meeting).

The MedaMeetings consist of a series of conferences and business meetings within the framework of ASCAME’s Recovery Plan and New Economic Development for the Mediterranean, to be held between February and the end of 2021 on the so called ‘Mediterranean Digital Live Platform’. They have been created ad hoc to contribute to the recovery of the key sectors of the Mediterranean economies, talking about opportunities, trade, investment possibilities and challenges of the Mediterranean countries markets and ecosystems.

The first of the MedaMeetings, the ‘Mediterranean North Africa Countries Meeting - Exploring North African Markets’, had a large number of online participants from all over the world. The event was structured in two sessions: 'Europe-Mediterranean-North Africa Partnership:' Building Solid Foundations for a Promising Future' and 'The Dynamics of North Africa Countries 'Economies: Investment & Trade opportunities in North Africa countries'.

The event began with an institutional welcome by Ahmed M. El Wakil, President of ASCAME and Elisabet Camprubí, International Commission’s President of the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Services and Navigation.

After that, several presidents and representatives of Chambers of Commerce members of ASCAME participated in the panels, such as that of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services of the Tangier-Tetouan-Al Hoceima region, represented by Mr. Aziz Agbalu, Heady of the strategy and partnership, the President of the Tourism Commission of the Oranie Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Fethi Ferhane, or the President of ASCAME's 'Women Entrepreneurs Working Commission' and Cap Bon Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Najoua Attia. Government oficials also participated in the event as speakers, such as Hakim Ben Hammouda, Former Tunisian Minister of Economy and Finance.

Several were the speakers present on behalf of the private sector, such as Mario Rotllant, Co-President of Cobega SA, President of NABC, Co-President of CEMAES, Member of the Board of Coca-Cola European Partners, Adel Si-Bouekaz, Senior Director Algeria of Mediterrania Capital Partners, or Emil Rademeyer, Managing Partner of ABiQ.

Other international institutions contributed with leading speakers, such as Clara Gruitrooy, Secretary General of the Euro-Mediterranean-Arab Association (EMA), or Djamal-Eddine Bouabdallah, President of the Algerian Spanish Trade and Industry Circle (CCIAE), to an event that was moderated by David Garay, Senior Managing Partner, Indegate Consulting.

The Mediterranean has been one of the regions most affected by COVID-19 and, in this context, the North Africa region has a lot to say as it presents many possibilities for European countries and the rest of the world. They have infinite sources of renewable energy, they can be the ideal place for the relocation of companies that are currently in Asia, have strong industries that are in the process of digitisation, and have a skilled workforce, among many other advantages.

In addition to the unique interventions of the speakers, networking opportunities for participants from all over the world were also offered.



















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