The international and regional media supports the Mediterranean Week and confirms its commitment to the Mediterranean

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Barcelona, 27 December 2017 - The 11th Mediterranean Week of Economic Leaders aroused great interest among national, regional and international media. From prominent general media to specialized publications, radio and television echo every year of this international meeting and this edition was attended by media from Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

The 11th edition of MedaWeek Barcelona had the support of international relevant media such as Anadolu Agency, the Daily News Egypt, Agence Marocaine de Presse (MAP) and France 24; and others from Spain, such as the EFE News Agency, Bahrain, Egypt, Italy, Malta, Morocco, Turkey, etc. This edition had media coverage of more than 50 regional and international media, as well as publications on governmental institutions and entities’ websites. 

The regional and international media was committed to the 11th edition of the Mediterranean Week and thus confirms its commitment to the Mediterranean, a region in transformation that undergoes profound political and socio-economic changes. Recent events such as the refugee crisis have highlighted the strong interconnection between the two shores of the region and, on the other hand, between socio-political transformations and economic processes. It is the pillar for the stability of any country and, hence, the Mediterranean region.

The Mediterranean Week of Barcelona is a timely and essential platform not only for the regional private sector, but also for the media themselves in their responsibility to explain the evolution of the Mediterranean scenario and, therefore, its implication for achieving a space of peace in the region.


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