The Federation of Egyptian Chambers of Commerce and the Federation of Jordan Chambers of Commerce agree on establishing a logistics center in Jordan

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Mr. Ahmed M. El Wakil, President of ASCAME and President of the Egyptian Federation of Chambers of Commerce, announced the establishment of an agreement between Egypt's and Jordan's Chambers of Commerce to create a logistic center in Jordan.

The President of ASCAME explained that the new center will be established in the Mafraq Governorate, bordering Iraq and Syria, and will include storage facilities and a zone for customs' clearance. "The center will be run by a holding company, in which the federations will partner directly with industry players, and an international company specialized in managing logistics centers. This public-private shareholding structure will allow the revenue sharing", stated President El Wakil.

The agreement is part of the cooperation plans between Egypt and Jordan on manufacturing, energy and infrastructures and the post-war reconstruction of Iraq and Syria. A compromise that represents and advantage not only for Egyptian and Jordan Chambers of Commerce but also for many Mediterranean and International companies.

Logistics has become a crucial factor in Euro-Mediterranean Integration and the economic and trade development of our region. In the last few years, the implementation of logistics development policies has increased in the Mediterranean, a fact of strategic importance for the regional growth. As a matter of fact, the improvement of logistics in the Mediterranean must be set as a priority since it is essential for boosting the economy and the economic recovery.

ASCAME has bet for the development of the logistics sector for many years, celebrating this year the 16th edition of the Mediterranean Transports and Logistics Summit: the regional reference event in the sector. The MedaLogistics Summit has established itself as the meeting point for the logistics sector in the Mediterranean as it contributes to promoting integration and to building a unified Mediterranean economic and financial strategy that stimulates investment, construction, modernization and infrastructure management, which will allow growth and competition with other regions.

Against this backdrop, ASCAME celebrates this agreement, encourages its members and remains at their disposal to work together for the development of the logistics sector in the Mediterranean countries.  


Source: Ahram Online

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