EuroMed Invest project’s partners convene in Brussels for its 9th Executive Committee

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Barcelona, January 25, 2017 - On 24 January the EuroMed Invest Project convened in Brussels for the 9th Executive Committee. Together with the other consortium partners, The Association for Mediterranean Chambers of Commerce (ASCAME) laid out key regional priorities for the coming years and, more specifically, discussed how the future of the Med Alliance would continue beyond the end of the project closure. The 5 partners have agreed to continue to cooperate in future projects, already sharing the priorities of their respective networks and main stakeholders.

The ExCom was also joined by the Ingrid Schwaiger and Vladimir Rojanski from DG Near at the European Commission, who the counterparts responsible for EuroMed Invest’s activities and implementation. Pleased with the project’s developments, the European Commission agreed to – and will support – the organization of a final project event, to take place in the second quarter of this year. In particular, the final event should highlight the project’s impact and resonance on the stakeholders involved, have a political as well as entrepreneurial spirit, and ensure success in the continuation of the Cross Border Cooperation in the Mediterranean.

EuroMed Invest Project activities will continue as planned until June.


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