Decease of Miquel Valls

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Barcelona, 23rd September 2019 – ASCAME has received with deep sorrow the loss of Miquel Valls, Former President of the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce and Former Vice President of ASCAME for 17 years. An incontestable model for his ability to build bridges and generate consensus respecting differences, Valls has always worked for the alignment of interests for the sake of a common horizon built by all.

A combination of courage, humility, audacity and anticipation, with unparalleled human quality and commitment, ASCAME thanks Miquel Valls for his commitment to the promotion of the Mediterranean region. His great love for Mare Nostrum led him to carry out an arduous work for the development of Mediterranean countries, with a clear commitment to the propulsion of ASCAME as the most important representative of the private sector in the Mediterranean.

He showed exemplar regional and international leadership, which served to position the Mediterranean in the focus of European and international agendas, boost its decisive place in the world of competitiveness and, above all, unite their private sector through a network of more than 300 Chambers of Commerce and Industry of the 23 countries of the region.

Miquel Valls, in the same way that the small group of business leaders who founded the ICC, called himself a "merchant of peace" as a result of his conviction that trade is one of the most powerful forces for peace and prosperity. A philosophy that is present in the spirit of the Chambers of Commerce since its founding in the early twentieth century and still remains today.

A man of peace and consensus, Miquel Valls made trade and economic activity his peace instrument. Rest in peace.

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