Mediterranean Regional Event to advance in Peace

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Mediterranean Regional Event

The UN Global Compact Local Network Turkey (Global Compact Türkiye), together with the United Nations Development Program Turkey (UNDP) and the Mersin Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MTSO) launched Business for Peace in Turkey on 1 April 2014, in Mersin, Turkey.

The Mediterranean Regional event focused on aligning and scaling corporate sustainability efforts to advance peace, in the region, with the Mersin Chamber of Commerce being the one of the first Chambers of Commerce in the region to endorse Business for Peace. In addition to allowing companies to join the platform, the event highlighted private sector opportunities, collaborative actions and contributions in advancement of peace, through responsible business practices and community stakeholder engagements.

As member of the Association of Mediterranean Chambers of Commerce and Industry (ASCAME), the Mersin CCI has delivered a message to the audience from the President, Mr. Mohamed Choucair on behalf of the organization. In this message, the President mentioned the importance of ASCAME in strengthening dialogue & cooperation among its members in order to achieve the objectives of peace in the Mediterranean, especially through the promotion of economic and social activities as instruments of peace, collaboration and reconciliation. It was also mentioned that the efforts must be joined to further progress and to continue striving for the goal of a peaceful and prosperous zone, and to further develop and grow through a more active economic dialogue in which the Union for the Mediterranean can play a key role. As peace can have different meanings in different contexts, Global Compact Local Networks serve an essential role in rooting the B4P platform within local areas and supporting companies to make contributions that advance peace.

Finally, Melissa Powell, Head of Strategy and Partnerships and Business for Peace stated that the platform is the UN Global Compact’s fastest growing platform with now over 100 companies participating.

The event was held in Mersin, Turkey on 1st April

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